Little Things 57 : Books Rambling

When I only read 27 books, when I had to find time to cram reading in my tight schedule, when I read all the way to work and back home, this young girl read 150 books, last year ! Not 50, not 100, but 150 books and more.

The last time I read that much books was when I was 9. I proudly won Projek Nilam and my mom took a photo of me holding the highest trophy I've ever held. 150 books was all books I got at home and the school library. They were all rather thin, considering I only read children's books & novels at that time. I remember how my mom told my family in kampung about it for several years. Ah, those young days. And the last time I read as many as 50 books in a year was when I was 15.

Current year :

I can't even reach 30 books.
I can't imagine how she even read 150 in one year. 
That's about 1 book every 2-3 days. 
I need to listen to more audio books while doodling because of the time constraint. Audio books are not cheap. They are ridiculously expensive. Movies while doodling is getting lame - I got a hard time focusing on both things. I found funny short series while doodling quite easy to engage ; by this I only meant 'How I Met Your Mom' series. 

I want your time.

PS : I am excitedly reading IQ84 by Haruki Murakami since yesterday and rereading Mitch's books, where is my "Tuesday with Morrie", anyone?


5 comments on "Little Things 57 : Books Rambling"
  1. lol omg thanks for the mention

    I'm an obsessive reader, so yeah I usually do nothing but read (if I could just study instead then maybe I'd be on honor roll, lol)

    I've only read one book by Mitch Albom, For One More Day, have you read that? Cried buckets. Tuesdays with Morrie is on my TBR list too.

    And I never read Murakami. I heard so many great things about him, I just have to check out at least one of his works soon.

  2. Books Junkies...Sometimes It Depend on types of book that you read.

  3. 1Q84... always take my attention...hwever still hve no chance to read it till now....

  4. Lisa, I read three out of four Mitch Albom's books, and I kept on rereading it. Haven't read the latest 'Time Keeper' tho, still waiting for the paperback version. Hoping for a great journey with Murakami, heard that he is the Japanese version of Stieg Larsson :D

    Hirmann, yes, I am. I mostly do reading on fictions.

    Ashaari ,
    Also heard a lot about IQ84 , that's why I'm reading it now :D

  5. have u read remember me? by sophie kinsella. its funny & nice ;)