Doodle : Cat Sticker Pack

January 14, 2013

Despite the unfortunate event of my Mac's unretrievable data caused by the broken hard drive, I am still going to continue living without my past. As it might seems, it has been all wiped clean, as clean as a new empty house up for sale. Void and empty. 

Although there might be a possibility of retrieving any data in the future, by sending the broken hard drive to other doctors, I don't want to get all hopes up just yet.   


Anyhow, here is for the new future. I am finally ready with the cat's sticker pack inspired by my fat Awan, after a couple of month dragging this little project. 

Cat Sticker Pack
16 pieces including cats, toys, foods, and bubble talks.
Free : 12 little label stickers. 


Price : RM 9
Postage : Normal - RM 1,  Express - RM 4
Email me :


PS : Other stickers are all available now, 
please refer the link on the right side of the blog.
Thank you. 
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