Little Things 62 : Questions & Writing

January 31, 2013

The more I learn about life, the more questions pops-up. 
No one said it will be an easy ride.  

I took an online class on the Introduction of Philosophy from University of Edinburg to challenge my critical mind. I am very much interested in it ever since I was in high school : to understand about life and human in particular. 

Never-ending questions.

In the course, it teaches you which particular way to ask the right questions, as a guide. Arguably, no one can determine which way is the exact right and wrong way to think, so somehow they also teach you the better way to think and argue on that. What matters to you, and why ? 

It actually gives me more cotton balls in my head, all tangled up.
Everyday I started to think , "Should I do this, does it matter, if so, why ? " , this leads to the most common blogger's syndrome , Inactiveness ; when every time I try to type anything, these questions will come to haunt me : 

Should I post this ?
Does it matters to you ?
Will it change or help anyone ? 
Are you doing it for fame? To be heard ? To be known & listened ?
Will knowing things or letting other know things will change anything ?
Do you really want to share this ?


And I ended up not writing anything at all.

If I keep on letting myself judge everything I do, 
I will end up not doing anything. 

So I'll stop giving excuses and try living life again.

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