Things I learned from Books 1

I learned about Osteogenesis Imperfecta from one of Jodi Picoult's book : Handle with Care.

It is also called 'brittle-bone disease'. It causes your bone to crack so often, even if you just sneeze in wrong way. You bone will be so fragile, you can't do any active activity. Major symptom would be multiple bone fractures from young age *compared to osteoporosis that usually attacking elderly. 

Not only it is genetic disorder, it is also autosomal dominant disease, that means you will get the disease even if you carry only one copy of the gene. 


PS :
I love the way it sounded. 
Imperfecta obviously means 'imperfect' and osteo means 'bone'.
So it is imperfect bones? I can't think of what genesis means in the name.
While osteoporosis is the combination of 'bone' + 'porous'.

2 comments on "Things I learned from Books 1"
  1. genesis means formation :)

    ps: u have a lovely blog! and i loveeee your art! xD

  2. Oh, that means : Imperfect bone formation!
    That explains it.

    Thanks Aki! :D