My cat Awan, is now 19 weeks old.

My mom just arrived home yesterday after 40 days she's been away for Hajj. We were so excited!

Me : Ma, you won't believe how big Awan is!
Home :
Awan came to greet us at the door. She sniffed and kissed my mom.
*yeay for the recognition & curiosity!

Ma : Awan is soooooooo big! I can't believe Awan is this big! It's like a different cat. Did you guys changed it with different cat?
Later in the morning :

Ma : I still can't believe Awan is this big! He's like a "bapak kucing"! 
Me : Ma.. Awan is a she. Awan is a female cat..
Me : ......
Ma : Oh, right! "Mak kucing!"

Hah. Failed. Awan is too good looking to be a female cat :D

Awan being 19 weeks old.
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