Awan.3 & My Weekend

My cat Awan, is now 20 weeks old.

She looked a bit cranky lately, and kept shouting a lot. Worst of all, she didn't finished her food. We were all worried and thought that we should bring her to the vet when Aja comes home.

Later when I was cooking for lunch today, I heard the horniest mew ever, made by our Awan. Apparently she's not sick! She is just, how should I say, "in the mood"- I guess. 

She never saw any cats before in her life, I wonder if she knew she is a cat.
What should we do?

Pity Awan.

Cranky Awan


Other than another 20% of my freelance work, and good old Syabu-syabu session at Johnny's, nothing much happened this weekend. I missed doodling a lot, but I am too much occupied with other stuffs. And funny thing is, even how much I don't want this blog to be personal, it turns out to be quite personal indeed. Oh well. 

My brother, cranky Awan & me.


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