End of Year Doodle

Another 5 days before 2012.
It's almost 2 years since I officially started sharing my doodles.

I learned a lot from doing such a simple mindless thing for fun,
and for that, thank you all for supporting :)

Previous Weekend's Doodle :


Nerdy side of azreenchan.

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10 comments on "End of Year Doodle"
  1. salam. nk tnye. awak beli kain putih tuh dekat mana ye? tak sure lah nama spesifik dia ape. hehe, :)

  2. Thanks Naimah :)

    Izzatie, that is canvas.
    Biasa sy beli di Art Friend, the Garden. Mana2 kedai art pun ada jual rasanya. Tapi Art Friend ada baaaanyak size, jadi best pilih2. :)

  3. salam,kak..
    canvas tu kena sapu acrylic dulu ke?

  4. salam...saya pun nk tnye...bole tanye pasala pen yang akak guna??...pen aper ek akak guna...sbb saya pun nk blaja buat mnde nie :D

  5. Syarafi : Akak gune Faber Castell permanent marker :)

    Fieyona : Thanks! :D