Welcome Home !

After 40 days my mom went to Mecca & Madinah for Hajj, she's home! We missed her dearly. I learned how to be a little selfish while no one at home, *woho! Apparently there wasn't so much difference in our daily routine. My sister and I went out to go to work daily, and there wasn't much time at home. There were no wild parties or late night outings. I guess we weren't that daring after all :D


We went to Cyberjaya to take my younger bro & sis,
had dinner at Hassan's.

 Remembering famous Hassan's Cafe for our night out while studying at Uniten.


We've waited for about 2 hours.
I was too excited to go anywhere else. 


Here they are!
My aunties & uncles, back from Hajj :

She's the third one in the line :D 


Almost 12 am, still in KLIA.
Getting super tired & exhausted.

My brother and I


I'm glad that she's back.
We'll face this world together!

Extra :
I thought I want to buy some chocolates at KLIA, but I didn't! Totally forgotten all about it because I was too excited to see her. But it's okay, perhaps I'll buy more of them at Bandung! 


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