Little Doodle


It's been awhile.
I'm still super busy with freelance, and I miss my doodling session so bad, I made this little one :


Permanent pen on little canvas.


Even though I lost all my books, and I'm still mourning over it, I will still do December gift-away. In hope of giving chances to all those people who will encounter my great great books and will enjoy them. And I will never lose hopes and I promise I'll be stronger soon. Still missing them greatly :(


And although I still don't understand why this happened to me, 
I still believe sharing something that we  love  is a good karma.


Ps : Winners chosen!

4 comments on "Little Doodle"
  1. takpe , x kalau adik kite umo due tahun setengah ?

  2. Ehe, sesiapa pun boleh masuk.
    Tak kisah.
    Just buku tu sesuai utk budak2 kecik je.
    If tak kisah baca budak kecik, then apa salahnya :D


    Join :D

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