Apps : Instagram

Hello !

They reached their 1st million users after 3 months. Several months later, they hit their 2nd million. Currently over 11 million people are using Instagram. The growth rate is faster than Foursquare, Facebook & Twitter.

For a photo sharing application, they did pretty well!

I've come across several other apps on photo sharing, but I think I love Instagram the best.

Check it out :


I've been following other awesome people's instagram :

Audrey Kawasaki
Tomoko Shintani
Will Murai


Technology makes it so easy.

2 comments on "Apps : Instagram"
  1. Hi azreen! May i ask. How do u put the writings on the pic eh? Did u use instagram or some kind of other apps? :)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Aki, I used Photoshop :p
    No mobile apps.