Daily Doodle : Almost New Year!


Hey, it's near 2012! 
I've been super productive lately. Since I've stopped accepting freelance & commission order, I'm still in holiday mood. 

What do you guys do at night after school or work? 
Other than reading and surfing the net , I only do doodle for fun. 
I've been rethinking the purpose of my doodle habits.
Indirectly saying that I'm in therapy mode. 


Mini canvas :


Here goes all the canvases :


3 comments on "Daily Doodle : Almost New Year!"
  1. sis, how u got that idea nak doodle benda-benda cute gituh? Sungguh geram. HAHA :P

  2. oh pakai FB multimark..cool lah efek dier

    wish to have one of those :)