Direct Translation : Bruno Mars, It will Rain.

Why is it important to learn and keep on learning? 
Because you won't be the victim easily.
Because you won't misunderstood something just by what others are saying.

Learning English is just as important as learning other language. 

Most people take the easy way to just directly translate it.
Here is one example I extracted from several posts on Facebook wall :

Song : It will Rain by Bruno Mars 
There's no religion that could save me.
No matter how long my knees are on the floor.
How some people interpret it :
Tiada agama yang boleh selamatkan aku.  
Tidak kira berapa lama melutut di lantai.

Under those direct translation, they mentioned on how the song will lead to being "murtad", and you shouldn't listen or sing to the song anymore. That's absurd! 

In the simplest form, the lyricist actually meant "No matter how long I prayed, it didn't work". 

It does not meant "There's no religion that can save me, but Christian".  

You are not Google Translate, you are human. So avoid direct translation.
Brains are intended to be used to think.

At least if poetry is no longer exist, song lyrics are still available.

PS :
The first person to misunderstood something and ask people to share in hope of doing something good is one thing, but to thousand others that don't stop reposting one small mislead information will lead to something much bigger and stronger. It just shows that we didn't really understand English that much. And worst, we just share something others claimed it to be true. 

2 comments on "Direct Translation : Bruno Mars, It will Rain."
  1. Yang tersirat itu seni dan yang seni bukan semua orang menyedari. Manusia melahirkan fikiran dan pendapat yang berbeza disebabkan persekitaran hidup yang pelbagai. And like you said, keep on learning lah.. hehe..

  2. couldn't agree more .

    *I learned a lot from your posts . Keep writing :)