Little Stories 92 : Awan's New Enemy

I think about 2 months ago, our family was attacked by some kind of little insects. We got spots on our bodies and those spots itch twice as bad compared to mosquito bites. At first, we thought it was red small ants' bites. But we never found those little ants.

Until we finally figured that it all came from Awan, probably cat's fleas or ticks. We always see her scratching, but we never really checked. She never went out of the house and never really met other cats, so we thought it was near to impossible for her to get fleas. I was wrong. I checked online and read about symptoms on human - even if cat's fleas don't really like human, they do attack human if they need to. Red spots, never-ending bad itch, 3-5 spots each part, I think the culprit is cat's fleas. I never saw any cat's fleas on my bed or clothes, and I do use roller every single day - so I still can't confirm this.

But, as for Awan, it is a serious case.
She got fleas and it is troubling her.


1. I went to pet shop to buy flea control liquid. The one that cost around RM 14 per tiny bottle where I need to put it on her neck. So I put several drop of those last week. 

2. The day after, it was Azmi's turn to help. He was in charge of showering Awan with Machiko Flea Control Shampoo, the one that ma bought for RM 17.80 per bottle. It should removes fleas, lice, mites and ticks naturally - it stated "Combination of selected plant extracts including neem, citronella, tea tree and cedarwood, to collectively maximize their traditionally known insect repelling and skin care properties in a mild shampoo base." Sounds good enough - all traditional ingredients.
By this time, Azmi mentioned about her reddish skin condition around neck, obviously from those scratching.

3. I bought another bottle of flea control liquid, this time cost RM 10 - because it was from different pet shop. I dropped those liquids 2 days after she was showered. This should last a month. We should repeat the showering with Machiko Shampoo and flea control drops for 3 months.

4. Buy tablets for cat's worm control. I read about how usually some cats with flea infestation will be infected by worms as well. I bought one for RM 8. The feeding process was handled by Azmi, again, because he is the only one that can be tough on Awan. Momsies can't do such brutal thing like forcing tablet inside her throat :p It went in after 5th try. They said we should give her the tablet at least every 6 months.

Other :
5. We cleaned our beddings, use the roller everyday, wash towel every fortnight and clothes everyday. We also need to vacuum the house every week. Oh, and she is banned from entering our room until she is completely flea free.
6. Cut Awan's nails to avoid more harm for her skin.
7. Spray vinegar on carpet and sofa in the living room.


I hope this would end super soon-soon.
And if you are bitten by cat fleas, don't you ever scratch, just use ice.
2 comments on "Little Stories 92 : Awan's New Enemy"
  1. Hi ^^. I suggest Frontline Spray. It's expensive, but the result is very good.

    1. Hello,

      Yes, we bought Frontline before but didn't use it because we were worried about the side effects. Awan can be quite tough on anything. For now I'm trying to avoid any spray, because she will try her best to lick it off =.=