Little Things 194 : Control

On our verandah, there are plants in various sizes pots. The thing is Ma loves to buy new plants, but she isn't quite good in handling them and most of people in the house never really cared. So the only one person in the house who actually think about those plants is me. 

Last weekend I had to do something for those dying aloe vera. After several years, they consumed most of the space in the verandah because they can grow up easily without water for quite some time compared to other plants. Those aloe vera were huge, they were protruding out from the verandah, trying to expand more. I had to do something, so I cut them all. The huge monstrous ones. And I feel bad.

This is what I've been thinking :
In a small space, we let plants grow. As human, is it wrong for us to control its growth by cutting and pruning? It is a living thing, and although pruning is a good kind of controlling - we are still the one who decide on how it should grow, how big, how much space it will take. 

Is it wrong for us to simply let them grow in a small space, huddled together with new little saplings that came along the way? Just because we can't afford to let them grow in a proper place with more space and real soil from the grounds with big fat healthy earth worms? 

Should I really control how they should grow and let them own the freedom that will lead to future congestion and starvation? Or should I control their growth and let them live comfortably in a controlled environment?

I have no idea.
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