Little Things 197 : Big

Even after 28 years, I am still surprise by :

  • how open people can be in judging and putting labels on someone else like we have the right to do so,
  • how no one seems to see this so called nationalism and individualism are making us arrogant and dividing us human into as much divisions as we can create,
  • how rude and blatant people can be in spreading rumours and negativity through social media,
  • how people don't realize that label, title and self-created ranking never really put anyone anywhere,
  • how fast we can think and type and share without thinking about the consequences to other people,

I'm still surprise by so many little things and I heard people said before, 
those little things are actually things that matters to you. 

This post is inspired by Newsfeed in my Facebook, Diva Azwan, political uproar, and current social media posts.

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