Little Stories 94 : Domain Names

I bought 2 domain names via blogspot (Google Apps Administrator) few years back for $10usd per year.

I realized one day while as I was checking my domain name, that my personal contact was publicly listed as the owner of the domain with full address, email and phone number. I can simply Google it and it is listed there for public. I was outraged ! If I didn't think about checking, I wouldn't know. I made a complain to enom about this. The reply and whole processes took several days. 

I received an email from them explaining about the software defect and they fixed it right-away at no cost. They worked fast and efficient, for this, I salute their customer service department :


Other than that, I was trying to access Google Admin to update everything and unsubscribe the domain address but I kept on failing to login to the account. This too, lead me to email the customer service from Google. A person named "Jesus" from Google for Work Support helped me. He guided me through a fussy processes and I finally replied him this *I still think this is funny :

- This happened in Feb 2015 -


Update July 2015 :
I just checked again and they've updated everything. Now all my personal details are protected by WHOIS Privacy Protection Service, my contacts aren't publicly exposed anymore. And I let my domain name expire last week and I'm not thinking of buying a domain name anymore *at least for now. 

I guess I realized 2 things :

1. I don't want to own it. 
Azreenchan will always be my commercialized name, I do not own it as it doesn't own me. 
Funny thing is I found out that someone is using it to give advises on dating - a boring copy-pasted blog posts *well I'm flattered and is currently open for anyone to buy : in case someday I'll be super famous and the domain name will actually have value. Go ahead and buy it, but please don't make it to be a rated-18 website ya.

2. If I die, I don't really want to leave anything behind on the net, except for my little writings. I'm trying to erase things from social media as much as I can. So people won't be burdened much. Imagine if I die one day and people read back my ridiculous gibberish Twitter/Facebook posts that sounded nothing but annoying complains all the way down. I don't want people to remember me like that. Ha. 

I want people to stumble upon this little blog and read me like someone that once lived. 
That's all.

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