Little Stories 96 : Awan's New Enemy Part 3

Last week, I found a decent cat flea's comb at a pet shop for RM 14. 
I bought one, I wanted to try it on Awan. 

By this time I've tried it 4 times, as many times as I can without having to annoy Awan so much - because she isn't use to petting and she doesn't like physical contact much. 

As I read from Google, it should be advisable to put a little plastic container with water next to her while combing her fur. I also added several drops of lemon juice in the water. For every stroke, I'll dip the comb in the container and dip it back again right-away. So those fleas can't jump when it got stuck on the semi-wet comb and it will drown in the water. That's the most efficient way I found for now.

Even for this morning alone, I managed to catch around 15 fleas from the adult to the tiny-tiny sized ones. I guess those tick drops I bought several weeks ago didn't kill them all =.=


As for plan B :
I already bought a box of Frontline Combo Spot-On that should be able to kill all types of ticks and fleas from all levels (eggs, larvae and adults) in 4-6 weeks. There are 3 little pipettes in the box, each to be used once a month. It costed RM 65.70, that means around RM 20 for each month.
Here's about Frontline Combo Spot-On :

  • It stops and prevents flea and tick infestations. 
  • It prevents all flea stages starting from eggs, larvae to pupae developing. 
  • Frontline Combo effectively kills adult fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae.
  • It completely helps control re-infestations.
  • This topical solution has long lasting effect and thus, keeps away fleas and ticks for a longer period. With its fast-acting property, it removes all fleas and ticks within few hours. 
  • Being waterproof, there is no worry whether your dog goes for swimming or bathing.
BUT, it is a type of insecticides type 3 so it is poisonous and it is a bit expensive.
I'm still having doubts on using this due to reading so many good and bad reviews, so if there's no results on traditional ways to fight those fleas' infestation, we'll have to try this method.

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