Wedding Story : The Card

Several months before the wedding, we discussed about our wedding card. 

AF and I are both a graphic designer so we decided to design our own card. But from our Tumblr inspiration posts and previous collaborations, we are both quite aware of how different our styles are. Designing a card together will lead to arguments *I'm sure of this. His idea of proportions, colours combos, styles and spacings are totally different from mine. 

Look at these examples of what he designed for his Ig countdowns according to his style :

It is nice, but it is not something that I would go for :p
And because we are both designers - we should both have our says in how it should look, yes? 

Some people asked me : why I didn't use doodles in our card? Well trust me, me as a real person is really different, I am quite serious and I am not a fun person. Doodles is something I do out of mindless activity, but it doesn't represents me as who I am. So I didn't want to do doodles on the card plus it wouldn't be fair for AF to have a fun-childish-doodled wedding card :p


So we finally decided that he should design our card and I will do the QC. 
He made several drafts before we finalized it in simple postcard size. 

This is how it finally looked :

I loved it. It looked like patterns from my favorite cotton kurungs and my secret purse. Originally we didn't expect it to be pinkish, we just wanted it to be clean and white. Other than he designed it, it looked like something that I would design as well :D

We sent it to online web printing company and it arrived in 5 days.
We received free pink envelope that I came to hate *I prefer decent off-white.
We didn't have many friends, so at first we wanted to print maximum of 300 cards, but Ma insisted it to be printed 500 pieces. So it ended up taking the space on the shelf in our room now. 


A box of cards arrived :

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