Little Stories 95 : Awan's New Enemy Part 2

Not a happy story *for Awan.

It started 2 weeks ago, when we decided to do something with Awan's fight with cat's flea. Sunday morning, Azmi woke up and told me that he's going to shower Awan with Machiko Flea Control Shampoo again. Yeay! - for the initiative without having to plead him to do so :D 

We aren't sure about the effectiveness compared to all other brands - but for now, we are using this, at least until her rashes get better *ingredients : all natural herbs. Awan isn't a cat that loves water, she hates it. She even knew Azmi was going to shower him this morning. The last time I showered her, my legs were bleeding all over from her scratches =.= So it needs to be done by my brother because he's the only one that can be a bit tough on her. 

This was how she looked this morning, all grumpy and whiny :

Next plan :
In another 2 weeks time, she will need another shower and new flea drops on her neck. I read several reviews on other flea sprays and decided that maybe we'll try to avoid something that might make her rashes worse because of the chemical ingredients. We'll consider Frontline if all these don't work. In case people might ask why I didn't bring her to the vet? - the last time I took her out, this happened. So I'm trying to avoid forcing her go out from the house, I knew she's the worst anti-social. Even worst than her mother :D

Plus : We need to clean-up the whole house weekly. Chop chop ! 


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