Book : Steppenwolf

It's like that day was meant to be the day that I asked AF to go to Grand Union to buy groceries and stopped by at EZ Used Books after work. I mentioned to him about how long it has been since I went there to find random books *because there wasn't many options. 

Unplanned, we stopped by for a quick look.

I went through the 2 racks of old musty English fictions when I saw a name I can't possible believe;
"Hermann Hesse". 

Last year my boss lend me a book called "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse, I didn't know the author back then and she said to me that it's one of her favorite book. "Nothing religious, but more to spiritual." I read the book and I liked it so much that it just got stuck in my head like a song. I never found anyone from the European country to write something so modest and pure in passing messages to the world using one of the Asian religious icon. *Except for Paulo Coelho I guess. But Herman Hesse wrote books from 1904 - 1953, so it was quite rare - it was during World War period so it goes back to the hard & tough time of those people. 

He was one of the rare writer in this world that managed to write something really pure, beautiful and humble. I am still inspired by his sensitive soul T^T And he was a German, during Third Reich. 
So can you imagine? 

Back to the book, Steppenwolf. It was originally written in German - Der Steppenwolf  in 1928. I didn't read about the synopsis, I just simply took to book to the counter and felt like I just found a rare pearl on a one fine night. 

With a grin, I paid the casher; RM 3 :

Look at the classic illustration on the cover :D
It feels like looking at my dad's library all over again.


I haven't been able to read it yet. 
But it's in my bag since several days ago, waiting.

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