Little Stories 98 : Those Crows

During that time we were searching for scarves for our wedding. 
We were walking from Jalan TAR towards Dataran Merdeka. It was almost 6-7pm, the sky was blue. Then I heard a gunshot. I've never really heard one, so I couldn't be sure. We were walking along an alley, so I was getting paranoid and imagining several scenes with gangsters and all. And I heard it again, AF did too. So it wasn't my imagination.

Suddenly I saw a crow flew down near us.
It jumped, limped. It was in pain. I knew something was wrong. 

From where we were walking, we saw several people in dark blue costume, holding something like a rifle and a DBKL lorry near them. I heard more gunshots, and I saw crows were falling here and there. They were killing these crows. AF brought me farther from there, he knew I was uncomfortable.

It upsets me. It still does, that is why even after several months, I can still remember the blue sky, bird cries and those falling crows.

It was this : Operasi Menembak Gagak. They killed those crows because :
"Langkah menembak burung tersebut terpaksa diambil demi menjaga persekitaran supaya orang ramai tidak akan hidup dalam suasana kotor dan kurang menyenangkan."

That's it. Because these hundreds of crow are taking over the place, they were loud and dirty and in a large mass.
So the DBKL decided to kill them, as many as they can.

We are the human.
And we kill living things if we 'feel' like we need to.

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