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This is one of my last year's project. We were asked to design a logo for a local website's branding called Viralcham. Basically it is a website that share random contents that I'm not quite sure of because I can't read it *it's in Chinese. As they mentioned, 'cham' is a mixture of everything.


So we sent our logo proposal. My moodboard consisted of research from companies that uses hand-writing/free-hand style in their logo. I wanted to incorporate my doodle in the logo - and the boss thought it was a great idea! 

This was the first sketches draft :


The client thought that it is a great idea to create several characters to be used for their branding. So in the second draft, I created more characters - and they can seem to accept my cute-cute little monsters, but they thought Asian loves cute things =,= By this time, the boss asked me to take on the project.

Here is my second draft : 


The boss asked me one last time to make a variation on the second draft to see where it might lead to, but I kind-of played in the same park and produced this :

Personally I love the grafitti-like logo and also the one with my hand-writing *A8.
But oh-well, the client finally agreed to go with one of the logo and all my new little monsters.
Here is the whole Behance-prepped presentation :D <

PS : I don't really like the characters for Viralcham compared to the Begadang Backpackers project because this was all too structured and vectored. In the BB project, I used the Wacom Intuos fully to illustrates those BB beans. 

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