Little Things 66 : Showing Vulnerability

I am not sure why showing emotions make you seem weak. Is anything associated with being more human is a sign of weakness? Does emotionless makes human more perfect? Some questions that I've put into account, in finding which is the right way of showing people who you are and what you are. Is there even right or wrong ? 

I am being as human as I am, most of the time automatically I will judge, even though it is not in my place to judge people. I read other people's statuses up on their Facebook walls and thought how emotional they are, I read other people's tweets on Twitter and thought how much they share unimportant things to the society - will they ever stop ? I think about what make them share, what do they think and feel. 

It's too much to me, so I choose to become almost passive on Facebook, and when people's Tweets and Instagram's posts become irrelevant to me, I'll unfollow them. I secretly whisper ;
 "I am sorry, I choose to not feed myself with certain things, I hope you don't take it in bad way".  

My mom and sister agree that I am being too proud for not checking on other people's life on Facebook, *mostly they are saying that I am not giving 'likes' on their posted artworks lah kan, ah well..  So people might think I am acting like I am above people , when truthfully, I can't stop deciphering their thoughts and take everything so serious. Most of the time, it is just too much for me , so I avoid them all.


Your feelings are beautiful, your thoughts are vast and unique, sometimes they are interesting, sometimes they are quite painful to accept. But I am human, and I can't be those emotionless human who sees everything as neutral, no matter how hard I try. No one can.

I am sorry for being judgmental towards everything.

Social media network is too big and exposed in so many ways.
It is okay to show how vulnerable you are, it is okay to show how pessimist and pain-in-the-ass you are, it is okay to give daily words of encouragements to people or tell the whole world what you just ate every few hours. It is okay, to be yourself and do what you feel right for you.

After all, we can't expect everyone is the same.

But remember little things Thumper's dad in the old Bambi movie (1942 )reminded him :

If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
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