Little Stories 25 : Weddings

I dislike wedding.

1) I don't feel comfortable among so many jolly people. 
2) I usually feel out of place.

So last weekend, my sister asked me to accompany her to a wedding.  Like usual, I refused and she pleaded and I  finally said "Okay, with one condition : You have to take me to meet Tasy for the winter coat". She agreed.

While on the way to the wedding, we failed to find any gas station and the car's fuel symbol already blinked so many times. So I said, " If the car stop anywhere because of the empty tank, you have to bring me to Big Bad Wolf next week ". 

"But that was not in the agreement ! ", she exclaimed.

"I know". 

But we found gas station afterwards.

Later that night, she had to meet several possible clients at the wedding and seeing I had to tagged along, she felt sorry and said, " I am so sorry, it will take some time, and we will get home ". 

"Yes, I know, and you will take me to the print shop to print my works later, and also post my mails, and also do everything I ask you to. I'll think of something! ". 


PS : I didn't really intend for her to do it. 
It was just an annoying joke sisters do to annoy each other. 

But she still need to take me to Tasy this week.
Or I'll have to take a bus to her house and bring home huge winter coat by bus ?
So kesian.

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