Little Things 2 : Book

The beauty of it.

What a weird way of expressing my love to books.
By mourning over it, by thinking constantly, by making a visual list of my lost books? 
I guess I was right when I claimed myself as a book addict. 

Funny thing is, like any other book addict, I do love books so much up until the point where my finger tips touch row of books in libraries & bookstores, in a whisper I said I'm sorry I don't have time to read them, I know the feel of different textures on each paper types although I never feel the need to know their specific names, I know the smell of books - it gives a calm old smell, I love book by their cover, tiny wordings and I appreciate the arts it hides behind those thousand words. Quite an odd way of being in love. No?

My visual memories is quiet strong, so I usually can remember things visually quite well. 


The first time I bought book with matt-laminated cover was the first series of Harry Potter. I was 13, and we just finished watching Harry Potter movie in the cinema with my "whole" family. I remembered promising to my mom that I'll finish reading it. It was the most expensive book I owned at that time, over RM30. We bought it at the Times, Mines Shopping Fair - it was now closed several years back. I patiently waited for my birthday every year because I know I'll receive the next book of Harry Potter.

How can anyone bring back those memories so well-kept in a book ?


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