Work Related : Begadang Backpackers

I discussed with my boss and she told me that I can share this project online now. We've been working for this project since early this year. Personally, this would be my most favorite project while I'm working with LGM. This is my baby  

This is a little hostel in Gilis Island, Lombok, Indonesia.
Links : Website, Facebook
It should be a place where things are nice, friendly and fun. A place to relax, enjoy the sunset, dance to a psychedelic music, and talk all night.

There are few reasons :
1. For this project, I got 'almost' complete freedom in illustrating - guided by my boss and the client. At first, all my drafts were rejected and I remember she said to me that it was all too 'safe' and boring. She asked me to try to have fun with anything I can come up with. So my second drafts was totally different - I was given the permission to do anything, so I came up with what I'm good with, which is little random creatures. Long story short, they liked it!


2. I decided on the colour mixtures, style, font type, and those little things. My boss decides on the final say and new additional ideas. I love that. This is some of those little things that I illustrated based on the need to add new items in the illustration :


3. I met the owner, James. He's a bit quirky and friendly. It's great having a client that agrees and appreciates what you do. Even though I hardly say anything and I'm comfortable with sending emails and say less than I need to. It's really different; what I really feel in my heart and what I show to people. *pure introvert breed.

4. I created each characters based on the people in Begadang Backpackers' family. James & Paula gave me the descriptions on all the people and I illustrated them. I feel like I know them because I've been listening about them for so long; I know what they are like or how they look and all :D
I even created my version ! James thought of me as a designer/painter, but I don't see myself like that so I drew one with a book :


Other characters :


I got a lot of works on BB that got rejected, because Paula is a perfectionist *a good one. So I'm going to put past works and share it here little by little, because I like those rejected stuffs as well and Paula okey-ed it. So this baby deserves to be shown in every phases - the good and the bad. 

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