Serotonin Effect.

Little happy news :

I got back almost all my books! I still don't have time to check the lost ones, but I guess I should let them go and stop feeling sad for them. I'll cherish what I currently have. I will mend them back one by one with delicate care! ❤  It's like meeting all my best friends back in one go. 

Moleskine Asia contacted me and the exhibition will start next month, in March until April. I'll post updates on my doodle blog soon. *I visually imagine myself doing the rain dance around Moleskine and Borders. 

Big decision has been made and I'm praying for a smooth ride process. 

Finished first Hunger Game Trilogy and started the 2nd book. Personally I think, the journey was good. I love the straight-forward and simple words used *yes I know it's the target audience is young adult. It reminds me a little bit on Twilight series. If this movie will bring sensation to world as much as Twilight did, I bet it will bring as much haters too. People need to bear in mind that it was written for teenagers. 
For relaxing fiction book, it did well enough for me and I liked it. Not as good as Harry Potter or Inkheart. But better than Twilight nonetheless. PS : I personally didn't put Twilight in my most unforgettable children fiction. 


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