Little Things 11 : Doll

I am not a huge fan of dolls and bears. I think my first and last doll I asked my mom to buy was Barbie with the lime coloured skirt. I got that for my 5A's in UPSR along with a brand new bike. Even though I was turning 13 by that time. Since then, I never found dolls and bears interesting, as most guys thought one of the easiest way to catch girl's heart is by buying her teddy bears. No, in my case, I would dig for books instead :p

Well, last week, I found this collection of dolls for latest Happy Meal's toy while waiting for my Peach sundae at the counter. I bought her home right away. Right now, she's standing in front of me and staring blankly right into my eyes. 

This creepy looking Red Riding Hood by Mc'Donalds! :

 She can even close her eyes!



She seems beautiful and evil at the same time.
She can play with John the Merino Sheep after this.

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