Little Stories 7 : Controlled


Sometimes you don't even realized that you are being controlled by someone else. 

Take this example, you go to KFC for lunch. They offer a set of snack plate for the price of around RM 11. You want to eat the chicken, you hate the taste of the coleslaw and you don't really  want the tasteless bread, but for what they offer in a meal set, you order things that you don't really want. And worst, you will have to finish off a glass of carbonated drink when you actually rather have cold ice lemon tea. You will need to add around RM 3 to change ice lemon tea from carbonated drink in the set. 

You will end up eating the whole things. 

It's not about quantity. It's about having what you really want without being influenced by others. It's just a simple concept most people don't really care. You fall to the marketing strategy they have planned. Not really a big deal, I know. It just left me wondering to myself - that's all.


This post is inspired by today's incident, when I chose to order only 2 pieces chickens and small ice lemon tea, and being asked by my colleague, why I didn't just buy the lunch meal set?

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