Last Monday I came home from work. My sister and brother said Awan was not feeling well. She won't eat, she won't go to the toilet, she miowed loudly all the time and she kept on wanting our attention. She hid under our bed whole night, sleeping. I was worried sick >.< 

I saw some whitish discharge from her back side, and I googled it right away. I suspected she was having Pyometra, the life threatening uterus infection. I tried not to think much and asked my brother to bring her to the vet the next day *which was yesterday.

And I was right, she is having those infection and she is not feeling well. The vet said she needs to take antibiotic for several days, and see how it goes. If the antibiotic is not working, the infected uterus and ovaries will be removed in a surgery. 

I am scared. 

After Rene died, I mourned for several years before I was ready to accept another cat in our family. 
I put Awan so close to my heart and now I am scared. 


2 comments on "Awan.6"
  1. i hope awan will be all cured. be strong k.

  2. I understand how you feel..
    Keep Awan in your du'a. InsyaAllah she will be fine.