Little Things 10 : Food & the Worst of Me


By the time I was around 22, I stopped enjoying foods from Mc'Donalds. It used to be a place where my mind quickly beep' when I want to eat something simple, or hang out with friends, and such. 

Now I can't even think of anything to order when I stand in front of the menu. If I stared at it long enough, maybe the person next to me can suggest anything to eat. Double cheese burger? I can't stand the sauce and dry meat. Fillet o' Fish? I had never, in my life, ordered that. What else? I have no idea. I end up eating Mc'Chicken, *I think that's what it is called.


I am a choosy picky eater. One of the worst.

I don't really enjoy eating other than white rice. eg : Nasi lemak, beriani, kerabu, minyak, arab, and such. I only love the taste of white rice. I don't even mix my white rice with any 'kuah lauk' except for soup.

I don't eat kuih. Not even during Ramadhan. Except popiah. So if I go to Pasar Ramadhan, I end up buying only one thing that I feel like eating. Sometimes I don't even buy any. *that's why my weight will drop rapidly during fasting season.

During Raya, I only eat Tart Nenas *my dad's favorite & Bangkit Bunga Cina *my mom's favorite.

If I eat keropok lekor, I hardly dip it into the sauce, ditto while eating fried chickens. I just don't eat sauce. I don't like to mix it up.

I can survive every morning eating the same breakfast ie : 1 bread + fried egg + cheese. And juice @ milk @ Nescafe.

I don't eat potato chips because I dislike the salty taste. 
But I do eat Roller Coaster & Chipster.

I eat one chocolate daily. One, as in one small piece, like someone would take a pill. Because chocolate can make me happy, and I have quite an amusing discipline on chocolate consumption. I keep it in my mouth and let it melt as long as it can.


Despite my weird taste of food, I don't really complain what's on the table. No, actually I don't complain at all. I just choose to eat it a little. And sometimes, it bothers my mom. Or my siblings, or even people around me :D

PS : I envy people that enjoy everything they eat! 
I wonder how they do that.

Oh, how about you? Any fussy likings on foods?

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  1. well, i ate just everything except for those exotic kind of foods macam kancil, kijang, landak, ayam hutan etc. i hate lamb and i dont ate seafood except for fish.

    i do think you are unique, and so does evryone else, its the things thats differ you from the other. ;)