Little Story 4 : Shop till Drop.

This post mostly on random babbles and mere therapy session.

So I was depressed these few days. Big deal. I'll survive eventually *because I'm human, and human can adapt to its surrounding & environment quite well - my personal opinion.

I went to Ikea with my dad yesterday, along with my siblings. I suspected this : My dad called us and fed us home-made steamboat because he wanted to give me more designing & illustrating jobs and seeing I didn't have the heart to say no, I accepted anyway. Which is true. *I'm a good fortune teller, you can pay me to read what your dad is planning for you.

Because I was upset, I splurged my money on everything I feel like buying *not exactly everything, still eyeing on iPhone from afar. I'm not sure how much did I spent yesterday.

So, there goes :

1) A set of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins * I typed her name based on my visual memory of the book, not by knowing the writer by her name, isn't it cool?


2) A tshirt from FOS - without any specific reason.


3) Card Holder - because I've decided to use something I like instead of trying to be lady-like with proper purse which I'm obviously bad at.


4) Kate Nash & Keane's CD which only cost RM 9.90. Pity pity.


5) Red blanket from Ikea - Which I originally thought of bringing it to the office. But decided not to, right now. Hm. But I don't want to share this with Awan. Awan tends to sleep on me every morning and her furs will stick on my comforter and I hate it.


Now I feel like laying down.

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