Little Stories 93 : Tooth War Part 2

Part 2 :
E. She cleaned up those remaining temporary fillings. It took some time. She said the tooth is halfway broken and I need to take an extra care of it now, because it can no longer be used like before - half of the tooth's natural wall is now man-made resin with no natural support. My previous filling lasted for almost 10 years, not sure how long this one will survive.
Pain level : 2/10, no blood

F. Again, she poked 2 painful spots. She said that my nerves are still okay, at least they are not dead yet. So she continued mending it with adding new tougher fillings, creating a tooth-like mold. She scraped, structured and molded until I can close my mouth without feeling uncomfortable. All the processes might took around 30 minutes - I am not so sure. Plus, I can't eat any solid food for at least 24 hours before it completely harden.
Pain level : 1/10, no blood

Total cost : RM 50 *covered in medical fees.


Some tips :
1. If you have broken/decayed/holes in your tooth, meet a dentist right-away. The faster the better because it will eventually gets worse. 
2. Brush and floss your teeth, also, spend some money on mouth-wash to control plaques. I use 'Dental Floss Mouth Pick' from Guardian, the one that sell 3 boxes (50 pieces per box) - that can be used for more than 3 months if I don't floss everyday :p
3. Meet your dentist every 6 months for scaling, they will clean up all the plaques that lead to more problems in the future. It is a love-hate relationship, where you don't want them but you really need them, so deal with your fear for dentist. You won't regret it.

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