Place : MAHA 2012

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Few weeks ago I went to MAHA with my siblings to meet my dad. He opened a booth there, with his company : Apadana Agro. He sold fertilizers from Zeolite and also little pegaga and other small plants. We were not so lucky, we got stuck in hundreds of cars for hours. We had our lunch in the car while people from the next car watching us boringly. 


After a few long minutes or hours , we lost track of time , we arrived ! There were so many people, and my brother and I took the chance to walk around the area and tried foods they offered.


Ze Aminals !


I actually got bored after a few hours and whined at my sister to bring us home. 
Shame on me.

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  1. kreativ , suke semua gambar . auww lembu erk comel lah huhu XD