Little Things 217 : Basic Japanese Food

The Miso :

I've been searching for Miso soup paste for awhile now. Since I've been spending a lot of my money on eating sushi and miso soup with rice at restaurants, I figured that I might teach myself to make it myself.

I found a local reseller that sells halal Miso paste from Japan with non-GMO soy for RM 10/500g. So I ordered the pack with extra wakame (dried seaweed) from her as well. The pack arrived a week later. Since that day I managed to make miso soup for myself in almost every dinner - mostly just with additional wakame, and sometimes I added veggies as well. Af can't process the taste so I think I will finished it up all by myself. *it might take awhile.

Like all the fermented soy, Miso soup got hundreds of benefits - it goes almost the same level as our tempe. Yes, it contains a lot of sodium and a higher risk of having it genetically modified, in that case you can use less Miso paste for each meal, don't add any salt to it and find a non-gmo soy in the ingredient list. The taste should be quite subtle, additional foods like tofu and wakame can give a nice taste. 

If you are interested in buying a non-GMO soy, halal miso paste, you can contact this lady and ask her more about it : .


As for sushi and onigiris :

One weekend, I tried to make some sushis and onigiris using our normal cooked rice. I put some tuna, added those rice in the diy mini sushi maker that I've been keeping and tried to wrap it using nori. I failed. It crushed =.=

So during our next restock, we bought a different type of japanese rice that is supposed to be more sticky and stay together to create nice little sushi. I waited until Af  isn't at home to try it out - can't accept another failure in food experimentation. But this time it worked ! The japanese rice can stick together and it was really easy to form :D So I made some sushis and onigiris with the cooked rice, tuna, cheese, some kewpie mayo and nori.

T^T I can make my own basic onigiri now T^T
We can definitely save more money making our own onigiris for lunches during our next escapism in Japan. Kaaaaan.

2 comments on "Little Things 217 : Basic Japanese Food "
  1. halllooooooooo reen..
    nak bagi 1 cadangan untuk buat sushi guna beras tempatan.
    either guna beras wangi atau guna beras biasa tambah sikit beras pulut.
    pofff! siap! heyahhhh!!

    1. A ah, I heard that one too. Guna beras pulut kan.
      nnt lepas this japanese rice habis, I'll try that :D
      Thanks thanks.