Little Things 217 : 26 + 32

March 18, 2016

My brother turned 26 and my older sister turned 32 !

Another addition to the number we are counting ourselves. What it is about being adult that people keep on pestering us on how to be the 'right' adult? How we should spend our lives, where we should work at, how much money we should make, which partner we should be with, how big the house we should be living in. Who are we anyway, to make such demands and decisions on someone else's life?

At this point, I couldn't really point it out like we used to when we are much younger. As far as I can see, we are all grown-ups, and for me what that really mean is giving them full trust and space for them to grow and make their own decision. And maybe, try to respect that as well.


I guess the huge difference between my brother and I at 26 is the responsibilities. I am one of the oldest siblings in the family, and he is used to having several strong figures in his life. So he is a bit off-track. But I've been thinking, who am I to put a certain 'label' in what's good in his life, at his age? As much as I concern, I don't like people to decide for me as well. So here it goes, I've decided that I will help if he asks for help, I've decided that he should pay the house rent because I'm not going to pay for his part anymore, but; which career path he will choose, or how he spends his money, won't be my problems anymore. I'm a bit concerned about him, but I have to let it go, I'm not his parents for-god-sake :p As his sister, I'll give him the space he wants - as long as he is in charge with his own life. Deal.

Af & I got him a pull-up bar and Starbucks gift card :

As for my older sister. She's fine. If she is figuring out what she wants in her life, and she's taking it slow, then that's her choice. I don't really have a word of wisdom to share, she has survived much longer than me :D I'm just hoping that she is happy. Also : Be fit and healthy ! Shessh.

We shared and got her a nice little printer to print photos directed from smartphones or digital camera. It was soooo cool I feel like I want one for myself :F So she doesn't has to go out to print pictures for her crafts projects.


We celebrated their birthdays several times. 
Mostly including a big amount of foods and some presents. Ha. We should probably think of something else next time. Eating out/in is getting a bit over-done. We each brought our best-friend this time. So I invited Tasya, Aja invited Wati, Azmi invited Wan, and Azura invited Aizzah. Plus: Ma and Af, also different event with my dad and Ali. Small gatherings for our introverted family :D 

I personally like the last celebration that we did at home. The one that Ma cooked for us all the Japanese dishes she learned while living in Japan. T^T Aja requested this and so Ma went out for days to find all the raw foods and items needed in making all those crafty foods. She even took the whole day to prepare the food with Azura, and that night all of us helped her with the final stage : frying the tempura.

So there were beautiful sushi, rich miso soup, chawamushi, tamagoyaki, kinpira gobo, and tempura set for all of us. I can't give enough appreciation for her, can't imagine the time and effort to prepare everything for all of us T^T

We should definitely just celebrate at home in the future.


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