Work Related : All the nerdy stuffs as designer & illustrator

March 02, 2016

Stickers :

Here are my latest sticker packs that I manages to illustrate, print, cut, pack and put up for sale up in my Etsy. I personally like the geeky light bulbs and also the mini ESKP by Af *because it is square and mini and so cute.

I managed to cut and pack these stickers during Af's game play of 'Until Dawn'.

Look at these geeky light bulbs ! :D


Spotted :

I'm a Backpacker Korea by Halian Azurin at our local Popular bookstore :
I can't wait to find the Europe version in the bookstore.
Note : And I'm in the process of doing the illustrations for another new upcoming book ! Wihuu. 


Branding :

Two big branding project I did for a startup called & a teaching place in Bangi called Didikan Sakura. Ditto Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe and Begadang Backpackers last year. I am really happy these full-package projects turned out fine. I created almost everything from the scratch T^T I can finally tell myself that what I've been teaching myself in becoming both designer and illustrator is going quite well. Who would have thought T^T

For all self-learners, don't give up, don't compare yourself with others, and don't feel demotivated. If you really like to learn new stuffs, just do it. One day, your efforts in learning those skills will pay off. You might take several years or even lifetime, tapi takpaaa, as long as you can still grow :D I still got a long way to go, but I'm really happy with where I am now. Imagine from that geeky IT girl, to this. Now I can create all those beautiful colourful things using graphics compared to using boring codes.


UI :

As for the UI. I've been bullied into learning it way beyond my capability. So now I'm sulking, I don't want to work with developers/programmers for awhile. They are awful being :( 

I know that being able to learn new thing is one of the highlight in our life. But not if we are being pushed and bullied along with daily frustrations because you keep on failing to please your mentor. I'm about to hate UI but let us not decide anything for now. I managed to design both for the desktop and mobile version in the latest project - flowchart, wireframe, mockup, possible outcomes. All by myself, in a very stressful timeline. So I am still recovering from that. 


Rejected stuffs :

As for one of my last year's project with Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, I still have a bunch of moodboards and rejected designs that I personally like but got no use anymore. I want to remind myself that there are a lot of designing failures in this life. Sometimes the process went over and over and over again. When I see this, I remember all 3 of us working like crazy just to create something that the client might like - for 9 months, before it is finally born. And some of the many designs were never even reach the light.

I'm still too lazy to collect everything from the project and put it up in my behance. So maybe later.

So here are some of those rejected stuffs : 



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  1. i've been admiring your artworks for ages! its so cute and you're like me, thick lined artworks. though its been really long time since i actually draw, kinda makes me wanna draw again.. thanks for such an encouraging post!

    btw, second hello kitty macaron box is beautifulllllll!