Mini Escapism : Kemaman + Kuantan - Part 1

Two of my cousins got married last weekend. Ma mentioned since early this month so we had to pushed aside other plans and went back to Pekan, Pahang together. They travelled that Friday while Af and I travelled back to Pekan on that Saturday morning because we worked on Friday as usual. It's been more than half a year since I went back - it was actually back on our wedding day last year. Ha :p

That morning before we started our journey, I visited their apartment to see how Awan was doing - she was left alone since a day ago. She greeted me with a lazy eyes because it was still early in the morning and no one was there - lazy bum. I re-added her food and water before bidding her adieu. My eyes and nose were all watery from all of her furs that I'm still allergic to. 


It took around 3-4 hours to reach Pekan. We stopped by at R&R Temerloh for our late breakfast, there were a lot of people wearing nice dresses and kurungs. Perhaps they were all on their way to wedding as well :D We used Waze because honestly, I don't really know the road to Pekan - but I know the town when I get there. So Waze led us to use Lebuhraya Tun Razak that was still incomplete, with small road and packed with huge lorries and flying dirt :F It was way dangerous than the road that I usually took when I went back home - but I didn't mentioned that to Ma of course.

We finally reached the wedding by lunch time. Ma was about to leave because we were late :D We managed to freshen up and headed to the wedding. My sisters and Wati were there as well, while my brother *chose* to leave us to celebrate his birthday with a bunch of his old friends in Langkawi :F

After the wedding we started our next mini escapism to Kemaman, Terengganu
This time, our mini escapism with the family.


It took around 1 hour plus to arrive from Pekan to Kemaman.

Aja booked a homestay house in Kemaman for 1 day, 1 night. The house with 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets. Wati and Aja in the first room, Ra and Ma in the master bedroom while Af and I just sprawled in front of the tv in the living room instead of sleeping in the back room. We just took out 2 single tilam from the room. The back room was too creepy for me. 

That evening after we checked in, we went to the famous Warung Aziz Satar to buy some foods. The biggest difference between my usual escapisms with AF and with family is the food.  Aja and Wati are the biggest food hunter that I've known. They love food and they do travel to places for food. So we bought a lot of foods here : Sata, pais ikan, pulut panggang, otak-otak, keropok lekor, coconut & sugar cane water. For the 6 of us =.=

The foods were quite affordable than what we have in the city - but drinks was a bit too pricy for me, imagine paying RM 8 for 3 glasses of plastic cup drinks. Here is the map to the location : 

We brought the food to Pantai Teluk Mak Nik to have a evening picnic at the beach. 


Pantai Teluk Mak Nik *or the gedik name : Monica Bay.

There were a lot of people at the beach. No one was swimming or playing in the water because the tide was a bit strong and seemed dangerous. Usually waves that I see were just those tiny cute ones, these waves were the strong ones. No wonder there were a lot of news reports and warnings about the strong winds at Pantai Timur lately.

So while they sat and enjoyed the food and the nice view. Af and I went on a sunset hunting. Note : In Pantai Timur, the sunset should be the opposite of the beach, but we can see the sunrise if we are lucky. We managed to get several nice shots near the really tall lalang area. 

The wind and waves were quite strong, with a nice cold weather. I don't want to imagine how those wind and waves on a really bad weather. It must be really awful :(

Click on the image for a panoramic view :


That night, everyone was super exhausted. Ma slept off after Maghrib. Af watched some Chinese movie on TV while I read The 40 Rules of Love next to him, and Ra busy texting with Aiza next to me. Aja and Wati finally decided to buy some food from another famous stall that sells Meggi Ketam. I heated some left over foods from the wedding.

Everyone slept early, I guess we weren't as young as we thought we are anymore :D

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