Little Things 216 : Life as a Game-Watcher for PS4

Af is a gamer as much as I am a reader.
We decided to respect and understand each other's obsession : that means I can buy how many and how often books or comics or travelogues as I want - and he can buy his games :p Over these couple of months, he tried so many games *even though he never notices this and claims that he never get enough of it :p. There are games that I particularly like and watch the whole way, and there are games that weren't really my type - especially with a lot of shooting & mission-based open world.

Personal favorite :

Until Dawn - This is one of the latest game that he bought this month. It is a horror-adventure game - the one that give the player to choose their story line, so the player can play several times to see other outcomes. In Af's first game-play, 3 out of 8 characters survived the night in Blackwood Forest. There were a lot of horror-creepy-shocking elements in the game : I remember we screamed together with the character in between scenes because it was too shocking, twice ! =.=  It was quite disturbing and intense at times, and I was cutting stickers most of the time as distraction.

Af played for several nights - at weekend and after work until midnight. It was like a movie session for me, and we got all exhausted after several hours of intense frights so we had to cut it into several nights instead of playing it straight in one shot. But it was really good !


Last of Us - This was played by AF last year, as mentioned in my previous post. This game is still my favorite game so far. I tried the game last September, thinking that I might give it a try - Af actually encouraged me. But almost half way through, I stopped. I found it too intense and stressful for me to walk in dark alleys, abandoned buildings and tunnels full with zombies and awful people that want to kill me - even for a game. It was way too realistic for me. There were times when my hands got too shaky when I had to get pass the bad people and the infected :F Watching Af game-play it is fun enough but for me to having to experience it myself? Phewww.

I was quite attached with the story line and characters. 
The game took some time to finish because it was quite long. It was a mixture of survival, horror, relationship, and adventure. The ending was so sad, I almost cried. I still remember that weekend when Af finally finished the game and we both waited for the credit until the end. T^T Highly recommended. Definitely in dilemma of wanting them to do Last of Us 2 or not.


Life is StrangeI think I really like watching games with engaging stories and multiple choices - it let me feel like I’m helping with the decision as well even though Af plays the game and I watch. Sometimes I do help him decide, and sometimes I rather Af decides all the tough choices so he can be responsible for what comes next :D

This game is a decision based game : about this girl that can bend and rewind the time to help her avoid problems and the future destruction of her town. So the player has to choose and decide what to do in each scene. Compared to Until Dawn, it is more straight-forward. Players can communicate with other characters to actually have a future affect in their relationship. So for example, if you play as a bitchy person, people will refuse to help you in the future and you are nice and all, perhaps they will give you some clues. 

 The game is divided to 5 episodes and it took several months as well for Af to finish it. I love the whole soundtrack for the game.


There are more games that I didn't really have the patience to watch. I found Assasin Creed, Dragon Age and The Witcher are almost the same in the open-world based environment, I guess it is not engaging enough for people to watch other people game-play it unless they are the one exploring.

Least Favorite PS4 games :
The Witcher, Assassin Creed, Call of  Duty, Uncharted,
Watch Dog, Final Fantasy, FIFA, Dragon Age.



PS : I guess for now, Af's secret mission is to find games that I would enjoy so that I can sit next to him and 'teman' him especially in horror games. It usually take 1-2 scenes to know whether I'll be sitting and watching again afterwards :p The first impression is the hardest to impress, as people would say :D

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