Little Stories 62 : Sell bag & work

A friend : What are you doing now ?
Me : Applying for work.
A friend : But it must good for you. You can sell bag.
I am not sure if that was a compliment or a sarcastic note.
But that statement gave a remark to this week's life.


I ended my contract with Liquid Learning and I'm applying for jobs farther than hometown or even my playground. I've given myself some thoughts on life these days and I think there's nothing much stopping me from going to places anymore. Other than money, of course.

So I applied jobs in JB, Pahang and Penang, places that are not quite near, but reachable, yes. In hopes for chances to go farther than here, with God's willing. So for a month, I applied to almost 15 jobs on Jobstreet, some got rejected *maybe I applied even though I can't speak/read Mandarin, or I demanded higher salary than what they offered. Who would still pay RM 1500 for 1 month designing work when 2 weeks work of freelance illustrating pays the same amount, and even more?  Been called for an interview to somewhat creepy uncomfortable places and replied several emails on online interviews and test.

I know my mom is worried because I stayed at home again like a good girl does and like all modern parents, they want their children to be independent and financially stable - not staying at home, doodling and selling bag. Ha.

But ah well, I'm working on it.

PS : I've never even sleep/relax at home, I do works all the time.
I am so productive, and no one can't imagine that.
Why I need to be in an office to prove that I'm constantly working? Phew.

Note :
Anyhow, other than art prints and stickers on etsy,
I'm compiling doodle in printed books/zine/hand-made doodle books.
Hopefully it will be ready for December's event.

4 comments on "Little Stories 62 : Sell bag & work"
  1. Assalamualaikum... Syahmi pembaca baru. Suka sangat-sangat dengan artworks akak! 'Hand-made doodle books'-p/s akak akan jual online tak?

    1. Waalaikumusalam,
      Thanks ! Ya, nanti dah siap akak ada jual online juga. Akak post di blog ni :)

    2. nak bayar dekat bank mana? Hihi... Syahmi pun Book Addict jugak.

  2. Yeayh.... Thank you. Fighting!