Little Things 65 : Adapting

It's amazing how your heart can learn to accept things, after awhile. 

Things that seem so extreme 5 years ago, may only trigger a soft thud in your heart.
Things that once make you cry in your sleep, may only give you a slight sad smile.

Those anger, resentment, sadness, pain, loneliness, anxiety, anything related to bitterness, vaporized into void. You came to a realization that you left that state, not willing to fully let it go, because it built the person you are right at this moment. 

How can anyone leave their past ?
They are a part of you.

Adapting is a way to survive life.
Grind and churn those bitter feelings, 
but make sure you remember to stand on your two feet, 
while holding those emotions like a trophy,
- because we are all winners


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