Little Stories 31 : Fishes & I

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My mom said that when she was pregnant for the second time, she ate a lot of seafoods especially fishes. She had me; the biggest, heaviest baby she ever had. My mom said maybe that is why I love seafood so much. 

When I was still in my teenage year, I thought I had less calcium in my bones because I ate fishes too much. I am not sure where I got the idea of relating fishes and calcium. At that time, my teeth weren't very strong and I had to meet dentist every year to have it plastered. 

Being an over-thinking-child, I made a hypothesis : I ate too much fishes, my calcium intake was deteriorating , so that is why I was short and my teeth were not very healthy. Imagine being a person who drink milk every day and brushes her teeth twice a day and but still having the worst case teeth. I had to make some hypothesis ! 

I remember saying that to my mom with my-professor-look, about my hypothesis. 


Well after 25 years, I am still loving seafoods and my teeth are looking quite fine. 
At least for now. 

Mini me.

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