Little Stories 217 : Allergic

My weekend ended with hot rashes alongside of my face and reddish dots all over my body, like little bumps from mini mosquito bites. I didn't know what I ate or what I touched, but what I know : I was having an allergic reaction.  

My face felt hot and itchy. I felt itchy everywhere, all over my body, I felt like crying. I took cold shower twice, I tried to sleep but I was distracted by constant need to scratch. I was too frustrated because I can't remember what I did wrong. Was it the food I ate? Or the stuffs I touched?

By 8.30pm I can't tahan anymore, so I took antihistamine pill  *the one I always keep just in-case. I sat on the sofa in our living room. Around half an hour later, I dozed off. I was too sleepy to function and those itchiness felt too mild for me to notice. I just went back to bed, wrapped my body in my blanket and slept for whole 10 hours straight !

I woke up feeling draggy and exhausted.
Happy Monday to you too.

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