Work Related : In Between

This is the point where I am on the verge to give-up.

Tasks at work multiply daily. I've been doing a lot of things, my job varies from designing a promotion to creating the whole structure for the website for both desktop and mobile, or designing mockup and wireframes, making places for random image re-sizing and designing little things for the admin desk. It never stops coming. I've never been this frustrated with myself for not being able to complete everything before going back every day. I love work, but this is sucking up my energy and I just want to rest after work.

And there are more, freelance works. All came in one shot, like a sudden thunderstorm, trapping me under a hut alongside of the open road. I'm stuck with all the work that needs creative thinking and visual representations. Everything has to be squeezed from a fast drying sponge-like brain.

I'm in a dire need of more space to breathe.
Kelakar kan, we always thought we can do more than we actually can.


We stopped by along the road before reaching home. We had 2 minutes because we've been hunting for a spot to the last peek of the sun for more than half an hour before reaching there. Af just decided to stop the car and we went out, he snapped some pictures before it went down and replaced by the night :


This week had been awful, awful, awful.
I'm going to try again tomorrow.

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