Little Thing 214 : Soul Eater


It's Friday.
There are 10 12 open tasks for UI designing and 6 more tasks for the promo and other collateral.
So I just spend my early morning staring at the monitor, thinking about how survival might disguised as a soul eater. I always thought that I'm a hard-core adaptable learner because I managed to work at online news publisher semi agency for that 2 years - until - I work in a startup as the only designer who does everything - :F

I borrowed a view from the 14th floor of Trinity Building in the city center.
We spent our morning in the other office owned by 1337v.
I'll probably miss the city vibes after this.
Perhaps, perhaps.


Pity Af had to see my worn-out face like I survived a war everyday after work. 
His "how was today?" makes my eyes gleam with exhausted tears.

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