Work Related : I'm a Backpacker - Europe

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Right after I went back from my Tokiyo Trip, Miss Jann contacted me again - this time to illustrate the next "I'm a Backpacker" series - Europe by Khairul Abdullah. I enjoyed the previous job, so I decided to take the task. My favorite freelance job for 2015 was the books !

It wasn't as many illustrations needed as the Korea series, but this time I had to illustrate a lot of buildings and travel spots in Europe instead of little items and clothes :


Mr. Khairul shared with us on how to visit 12 big cities in Europe for less than RM 6,000 - *that's pretty impressive. If you think you are planning on a next cheap Euro-trip, this book might give several good tips for you. You can get it here on bookcafe :

I hope there are more to come !

2 comments on "Work Related : I'm a Backpacker - Europe "
  1. i know who did the illustration for my book. A brilliant job indeed. Thank you very much.

    1. Aha, ketemu penulis nya.
      Tahniah di atas buku Encik Khairul :D