Mini Escapism : Raub - Gambang - Kuantan

Our weekend spent mostly on the road. 
It started with Raub for Af's sister's wedding on Saturday to stopping by at Af's old office in Bukit Gambang Resort and sending Af's grandmother to Kuantan on Sunday, next we went to Raub again to send Af's mom and Nani, and lastly headed back to KL the same night. We had travelled approximately around 600km in 2 days :F

I went to Af's old building where we first had our Facetime.
The places he took his photos in his instagram when he was so out of reach from the civilization. The huge clouds marching from the highest building, the strong hot wind, our yesteryears.
It brings back a lot of bittersweet memories :(


That night the moon shone so brightly from behind the hill, it went up slowly all the way to the high sky. We were in the car all night, I can even see Nani's face in the dark when there was no lights along some of the road on the highway.

The black sky was beautiful, and the moon was magnifique.
But we had to go back to our reality.

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