Little Things 16 : Oxymoron

I watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close a few days ago. It was a book adaptation by Jonathan Safran Foer. About a boy named Oscar Schell, in his search of the meaning of mysterious key that he found left by his late dad. He searched all around New York for the door that would be unlocked by the key. I remember that book as an odd book. There was a lot of images, clippings, markings, and such. Interesting nonetheless. 

One thing I learned from the movie is the word : oxymoron. 
It is a combination of two words that contradict with each other. In the movie, there was a scene where Oscar remembered playing game with his dad on oxymora. The last person with no new oxymoron will lose the game. Impressive game for someone that young *even for a fiction.

Example on oxymora :
Bitter sweet *how can something we call bitter, be called sweet as well? 
Serious joke 
Sweet sorrow
Dark light
Living dead

" It's a serious joke! " So, is it serious, a joke or both? 

PS :
I thought oxymoron means something to do with being super moron! :D


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