Red Riding Hood Adventure 1 : Sunday

I know I've been ignoring this evil looking Red Riding Hood since I got the tin soldier. So today I went out and brought her along. We've been to several places today : the vet - to vaccinate Lat for the second time, the PKNS & Warta - to find several things to make Kak Mas's wedding's gift, the Alamanda - to fill up our almost-empty-stomach. 


On our ride to Alamanda.
*looking almost innocent* 


Reminded us to lock the car's door before leaving the car.

My favorite cold Ice Peach Tea & colourful looking cold drink.
*she gave almost an evil look*

Looking at my large bowl of Springy Noodle.
*somehow it reminds me of Ju-On*


Raspberry Cream Pie with Chocolate Waffle Bowl
at the Cream & Fudge Factory.


PS :
It's been a whole foods & drinks month! Haven't gain any extra weight, but surely because my body is adapting with an invisible stressful condition. So it's win-win situation! I'm not losing weight for mild depression even though normally I would probably lose several kgs, just because of the food fiesta! 

I'm super sleepy. 
Good night invisible people.

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