"Fly fly, together let's fly"
Yes, I know it looks like 'lele'.
It was spontaneously hand-drawn, flaws tend to happen.


Does working makes you lose weight ?


Ah well,
We will be at Krusty Market this Saturday, do come.
I did a lot of new hand-made items up for sale.
Discount & free postcards when you buy my items.


5 comments on "Losing."
  1. I thought it said together We fly. ;)

    Take care of your health and food/water intake! They're just as important as work. :P

  2. Yea, 'we fly' seems better that 'lets' :D

    I do eat and drink a LOT of water.
    Maybe I'm a little depressed! >.<

  3. wow~ it's beautiful~
    and giving encouragements~ ^^

  4. Senang ke nak kuruskan badan